The Foundation was started by the Venerable Dr. Emeka Nwigwe and his wife Nkechi Nwigwe and is named in honor of Ven. Dr. Nwigwe’s parents Lazarus and Grace who instilled a spirit of community and a deep sense of responsibility to help those in need.

Our Mission

The Mission of LazGrace Charity Foundation is focused on achieving two major objectives :

First is to provide the poor villagers with FREE Medical Treatments for basics illnesses like Malaria, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Eye Glasses/sicknesses, debilitating arthritis, Stomach ulcers and minor injuries and pains.

Second objective is to provide FREE Secondary Education for the Indigent of the Village and surrounding areas. Children are thrown out of School because parents cannot afford tuition for their very brilliant children who attend the local High School. Last year, LazGrace gave out 6 such scholarships to 3 girls and 3 boys.

LAZGRACE is a combined name for Lazarus and Grace Nwigwe, my late parents, who were the first in the Village to send their daughter to college. This was when only boys went to college. They were very great Philanthropists providing food, medicines and shelter.anyone in need. They provided jobs and training for those who needed them. They were God-fearing couple who supported and encouraged spiritual growth around them.Their exemplary leadership lead me, Venerable Dr. Emeka Nwigwe, to be the 1st Ordained Anglican Priest from that Village serving through many parts of the world and now in the United States of America. My parents wanted me to continue their legacy of FREE Health and Education to all. My wife, Nkechi Nwigwe and our 3 sons, in the Medical field, have been doing this with our own resources in the past but would like to invite people of Goodwill to come to our help for humanity in the rural areas.


Venerable Dr. Emeka Nwigwe